Waxoyl for car manufacturers and other industrial companies

Waxoyl AG offers a comprehensive range of products for car manufacturers and Industry in general. These high quality products have been continuously developed and improved over a 50 year period. Over and over, Waxoyl products perform outstandingly, both in the test lab and in the workshop, and have earned Waxoyl a global reputation as a supplier of top range products to leading manufacturers.

Our tried and tested products are manufactured to the most stringent technical and scientific standards. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in corrosion protection and vehicle and machinery care and now occupy a leading position in these fields. Our products are endorsed by professionals all over the world, who use our products every day. Maybe it’s time you got to know our products too?

We have a global presence and so we're sure to be easy to find somewhere near you. Our staff can sort out any problems with you at your production site or business premises, and bring in local partners. We'll train your employees and provide expert technical back-up, and we won’t just leave you to it after purchase, either. On the contrary. We stick by the motto that working in partnership doesn't mean letting your partner do all the work.